Here are some of our most popular services to help improve the performance of nearly any seller on the marketplace. Please inquire for any other requests or assistance. 

  • Free Basic Audit: We will review a selection of listings + PPC campaigns to gain insight into your current performance on Amazon. General recommendations will be provided based on your specific business model (wholesale, private label, retail arbitrage, online arbitrage, etc). As a bonus for our first 5 Free Basic Audits, we will include the 3 highest traffic-driving keywords for a product of your choice.
  • Keyword Research: We will perform keyword analysis using first-party data from Amazon. This includes identifying the 20 highest traffic-driving keywords relevant to your product, the 10 highest sales-driving keywords and current keyword trends (which terms are trending upwards & downwards). This will be delivered in spreadsheet form with relevant metrics (traffic, sales) included. 
    • Discounts available for 3+ products. Expedited service (<48 hour turnaround) available for an additional charge. 
  • Listing Optimization: We will apply current best practices to optimize your product listing on Amazon with the goal of ranking highly on search results pages. This includes review of your listing title, images, bullets points, description, backend keywords and A+ content to ensure that they are optimized for awareness, consideration and purchase by Amazon shoppers. Recommended actions will be provided for creative content (images, A+ content) while optimized title + bullets + keyword research will be provided upon completion. 
    • Discounts available for 3+ products. Expedited service (<72 hours turnaround) available for an additional charge. 
  • PPC Management: We can help with anywhere from simple campaign creation to full control and management of your Amazon advertising efforts. While other agencies prioritize sales without much care for advertising costs and their impact on the bottom line, we know that profit comes first. That's why we will work with you to ensure that our advertising efforts remain profitable as we optimize and scale your efforts. 
    • Please contact us for a personalized consultation and quote.